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China, Financials, Consumer… All Sitting In Bear Market Territory

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If 2007 had to be summed up in a word, the two-syllable winner might be, “sub-prime.” It single-handedly dragged down the entire financial segment of the U.S. stock market. How far down? On Friday, the…

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80% Chance of a Recession Presents Exchange-Traded Fund Opportunities

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On 12/18/07, I handicapped the probability of recession at 70% likely based on 5 of the best forward-looking indicators. With today’s shockingly low Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) registering a dismal 47.7, we need to revise…

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Classic Reshuffle: Traditional Safer Havens Are Winning the Day (XLU, IYZ, XLP, VHT)

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Barclays bank reported mortgage-backed security losses. General Electric Asset Management revealed that a large bond fund had also suffered losses in mortgage-backed securities. And less I forget, the CEO of Wells Fargo described the housing…

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