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By February 28, 2007Emerging Market ETFs

If you have an informed opinion on an ETF that you want to share with the ETF Expert community, I may wish to publish it!

To submit your article, first read the guidelines below. Afterwards, please email your submission to me at

I will review your write-up as quickly as I can. If I choose to publish your commentary, I will let you know that we approved and posted your submission. Naturally, your name will be prominently displayed as the author of your piece.


Be Specific – We are not looking for general market commentary. We are looking for your unique “take” on specific ETFs.

Be "Somebody" – We really do not wish to publish anonymous contributions. Let the world know who you are and create credibility for your viewpoints.

Be Sound – We welcome “long,” “short,” “leveraged,” “international,” and anything from the world of exchange-traded investing. However, your idea needs to be backed up with facts, themes and/or logical reasoning. 

Send your article to me at