ETF Information and Overview

Here are a number of ETF blogs and other article sources that offer insight into the world of ETFs. These include a number of useful articles aimed at beginners, as well as insights for more advanced traders.

1. Seeking Alpha ETFs provides a number of articles about exchange traded funds, ETF picks and news regarding the latest developments.

2. MorningStar’s Exchange-Traded Funds section provides a number of tools for ETFs, including definitions, rankings, screenings and cost analyzers to help you figure out what will work best for you.

3. ETF Trends provides analysis, news and more regarding exchange traded funds.

4. “Exchange Traded Funds” provides a number of helpful articles and news stories on ETFs, as well as links to resources related to exchange traded funds

5. The Motlety Fool “ETFs ” has a number of informative articles on ETFs, as well as a handy “60-second guide.”

ETF Blogs and Blog Posts

There are a number of blogs devoted to ETFs. And many investing blogs devote at least an article or two to ETFs. Here are some blogs and blog posts that can provide you with some commentary, news and analysis related to ETFs.

1. ETF Expert is a blog that offers daily commentary on ETFs, as well as a link to a radio show devoted to ETF investing.

2. The ETF Corner is a blog that specializes in technical analysis and ETF trading.

3. Rocket Science Investing is a blog that focuses mainly on ETFs, and includes investing news and ETF-specific news.

4. ETF Digest offers market comment in blog form, plus access to podcasts, and information on ETF hedge fund portfolios.

5. ETF Database has a library with articles particularly aimed at beginning ETF investors.

ETF Newsletters

There are a number of newsletters put out periodically that cover ETF news, strategies and resources. You can usually have these newsletters directly delivered to your inbox in order to get fund news fresh every day. Many of these cost money, however, so consider carefully which you choose to subscribe to.

1. Forbes offers an ETF newsletter packed with the sort of information you would expect from one of the online leaders in investing information and analysis.

2. The ETF Review from Investors Intelligence is a weekly newsletter that offers fund picks, charts, trends and commentary.

3. ETF Expert provides a weekly newsletter that you can have delivered right to your inbox.

ETF Tools

There are many tools that you can use to improve your ETF investing strategy, or find ETFs that might fit into your portfolio.

1. Total Return Calculator from NYSE Amex allows you to enter purchase and sale information (including commission) to figure out total return on an ETF investment.

2. ETF Screener from NYSE Amex helps you screen prospective ETF investments, allowing you to choose a variety of parameters to help you choose the best ETF for you.

3. ETF Center from Schaeffers Reserch provides current quotes on ETF prices, most active ETFs and indicators for ETF trading.

4. ETF Screen is a screener that lets you choose from a variety of views, as well as different sectors. There is also a performance comparison.

5. Sin Letter provides unbiased stock market research.

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