ETF Risk Alert™

  • Have Your ETFs Become Too Risky?
  • Are you Being Too Aggressive With Your Money?
  • How Can You Tell?

Economic risk, business risk, credit risk, currency risk, country risk, market risk, systemic risk, liquidity risk, concentration risk… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! ETF Risk Alert helps you identify potential risk and uncertainty with particular ETF investments.

  • Are You Gambling On Asset Allocation Alone?
  • Do You Really Know How Much Risk You Are Taking?
  • How Much Better Would You Feel With An ETF Expert On Your Side?

Gary Gordon is the President of Pacific Park Financial, Inc., as well as the Chief Editor of Gary’s ETF Risk Alert can help you address concerns about the ETFs in your portfolios.

Exclusively, you’ll receive:

24/7 access to ETF Risk Levels for more than 400 ETFs!


Risk-specific commentary on changes to individual ETF ratings, and Gary’s Weekly Update, featuring premium content on stock ETFs, bond ETFs, commodity ETFs, currency ETFs and commodity ETFs!

Risk Alert

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  • 3 months = $39

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