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Traders Still See Huge Risks In Financial ETFs

15 March 2010 at 11:49 am by Gary Gordon     Bookmark and Share    Follow EtfExpert on Twitter

Perhaps the most common question that I receive from¬†financial journalists at popular publications (e.g., Investor’s Business Daily, Smart Money, Business Week, etc.) regards ETF risk. For example, with U.S. stock assets eclipsing their January highs, and coming off a 9.2% correction, writers are asking,¬†“What do you see as the¬†next big hurdle?”

In truth, it would be easy to parrot world-renowned speakers. Pimco’s El-Arian continues to press the sovereign debt uncertainty button. Other¬†media stars will tell you that it’s all about “jobs.” I am more inclined to discuss the possibility of an unstable dollar, whether it’s rapid-fire appreciation or free-fall depreciation.

Lately, however,¬†I’ve been looking at a different barometer of stock market well-being… although¬†“different” may not be the most appropriate¬†word; that is,¬†the health of the financial sector in 2010 appears to be a major force for or against equity performance… not unlike¬†its influence in 2008.

Consider the big-time stories that you may be reading.¬†When you learn that formerly troubled names like AIG and Citigroup are¬†surging… when value investors talk about property/casualty insurers as one of the best bargains in town… when regional banks are discussed as a diversified hidden gem…¬†equities¬†across the U.S board seem to rally. In contrast, when conversation about regulatory reform heats up or¬†when¬†you hear that the government is “strongly discouraging”¬†banks from¬†raising dividend payments to shareholders,¬†the entire stock market seems to shudder.

XLF 6 Months No New High

So yes… if you ask me where the ETF risks are, I’m looking at charts like the one above.¬†The volume for¬†SPDR Financials (XLF) near the correction’s bottom in late January/early February appears to indicate¬†buyer conviction and/or capitulation. Yet, as XLF has neared its October peak from 5 months ago, volume has¬†steadily declined. In fact, XLF has not broken through its October pinnacle from¬†5 months ago.

And there’s more.

Marco Polo XTF reports that Direxion Financial Bull 3x (FAS) has witnessed nearly $770M in monthly outflows; that would represent roughly 2/3 of the total assets under management. Similarly, $500 million has moved into Direxion Financial Bear 3x (FAZ) in monthly inflow, representing as much as 1/3 of its total asset base.

On a year-long basis, I am watching the U.S. dollar. If it remains flat or slightly depreciates in value, I anticipate stock ETFs would have a good year. If it rapidly appreciates or rapidly depreciates, I would worry about equities for 2010.

In the more immediate realm, financial stocks seem to have some sway. SPDR Select Financials (XLF) really needs to set new 52-week highs. What’s more, one would have to hope that the fanatical traders of leveraged financial ETFs have got this one wrong.

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