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“Risk-Reward” Investing Strongly Favors Emerging Market ETFs

13 August 2010 at 4:15 pm by Gary Gordon     Bookmark and Share    Follow EtfExpert on Twitter

Money has been flowing out of stock assets¬†at a steady pace.¬†Macroeconomic data has been decidedly weak. And unless you hopped aboard the gravy “grains” this past week, a Great White took a bite out of your portfolio.

(Or maybe¬†a brown bear is responsible for the mauling. I don’t think it was a brown bear, though.¬†So let’s just call it a shark.)

For the second time since the U.S. stock correction began in late April, Mr. Market¬†cried, ‚ÄúUncle.‚ÄĚ The first time was back in mid-June, when the S&P 500 briefly climbed back above its 200-day trendline. It didn‚Äôt last, though.

Here in August, Mr. Market literally begged Uncle Ben Bernanke for more monetary stimulus at Tuesday’s Fed meeting. The Fed Chairman complied, yet U.S. stocks still finished out the week with huge losses.

Worse yet, the S&P 500 SPDR Trust (SPY) has¬†failed to hold above its 200-day moving average on two separate occasions. Technicians must be baffled by the multiple whipsaws ‚ÄĒ a whipsaw occuring¬†when a prospective ‚Äúbuy signal‚ÄĚ is quickly¬†overturned by a ‚Äúsell signal.‚ÄĚ

SPY 200

An eternal optimist might point out that it’s virtually impossible to find a 20-year rolling return where stock assets haven’t achieved an excess return/gain over U.S. 10-year treasuries. One might also be taken in by the reality that economic growth as anemic as 2% is still plenty strong for corporations to grow their profits/revenues.

With that said, it’s impossible to ignore several¬†overarching facts about stock ETFs right now. First,¬†emerging market ETFs are losing less on the downside and they are making more on the upside; that’s a better risk-reward scenario. Second, most emerging market ETFs (e.g., individual countries, regions, thematic, etc.) are experiencing technical uptrends.

Here’s a breakdown of¬†10 popular ETFs — 5 emergers and 5 U.S. In addition to identifying performance on¬†the¬†week, I’ve noted the “Risk Grade” from RiskGrades.com. (Note: The lower the number, the lower the standardized risk.)

5 Popular Emerging Market Country ETFs        
          Approx %   Risk Grade
iShares MSCI Chile (ECH)     0.52%   101
iShares MSCI Thailand (THD)     -1.10%   112
Market Vectors Indonesia (IDX)     -1.67%   155
Market Vectors Small Cap Brazil (BRF)   -2.92%   141
iShares MSCI Turkey (TUR)     -4.44%   162
5 Popular U.S. Stock ETFs          
Dow Diamonds Trust (DIA)     -3.13%   95
S&P SPDR Trust (SPY)     -3.63%   107
PowerShares Nasdaq 100 (QQQQ)   -4.36%   112
S&P SPDR MidCap 400 (MDY)     -4.65%   130
iShares Russell 2000 (IWM)     -6.25%   151


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