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These 3 ETPs Can Tell You When To Bring Cash Off The Sidelines

29 August 2011 at 3:41 pm by Gary Gordon     Bookmark and Share    Follow EtfExpert on Twitter

Hurry! Hurry! Place your bets on the chances of another recession — 25%, 33%, 50%, 66%, 100%!

How gloomy are some folks? Perma-bear David Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff & Associates believes that a recession is a near certainty (99%), citing the weakness of the consumer and the double-dip in housing. Meanwhile, John Hussman, long-short billion dollar fund manager, expresses 100% certainty in eventual economic contraction. He describes a combination of circumstances (e.g., S&P 500 lower than 6 months prior, year-over-year GDP below 2%, widening spreads on corporate debt, etc.) that have always preceded prior recessions.

Whether it is¬†Roubini, Rosenberg or Hussman, you’re going to find your share of¬†naysayers. What may be more critical to investors, however, is where they should invest their money right now.

U.S. treasury bonds? The iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond (IEF) is near an all-time record high. Even a recession may fail to push 10-year yields any lower than 2%, stifling future price gains and capping cash flow at or below the rate of inflation.

What about precious metals? Profit takers pushed¬†SPDR Gold (GLD) down 10% last week. And as much as I’ve profited over the years from the yellow metal, I’d need to see GLD come back to its 50-day moving average of 159.9.

GLD 50

Recession or no recession, investors will not be able to make¬†too much more in fear-based “faves.”¬†It follows that they¬†may be better off¬† with a greater-than-normal allocation to cash, until ETF signs point to opportunities in stocks or commodity-based investments.

Here are 3 key ETP indicators for bringing cash out of the cookie jar:

1: Copper. Back on March 9, iPath DJ Copper (JJC) gave me an early indication that the bull market¬†might be taking a breather. (Review “Copper ETN May Be Indicating A Pause For The Bull Market.”)

Since that time, JJC has struggled. In June, its 50-day moving average crossed below its 200-day moving average, a bearish phenomenon called a “death cross.” Until¬†the 50-day trendline of iPath Copper (JJC)¬†rises above¬†its 200-day, investors¬†might want to¬†refrain from¬†gambles on¬†economically sensitive sectors like Industrials and Consumer Discretionary.

JJC 50 200       

2. Preferred ETFs. In previous years, if you wanted a relatively lower-risk, yield-oriented investment, you opted for preferred shares. Preferred shares are hybrid vehicles, paying fixed dividends like bonds and offering the potential for a modicum of capital appreciation like common stock.

Like any great car, however, Preferred ETFs are not without their design flaws. The vast majority of them (75%) have been issued by financial companies. It follows that as long as the world fears a global meltdown from¬†European debt contagion — a meltdown¬†not unlike the 2008 subprime-led collapse — iShares S&P U.S. Preferred (PFF) will let us know.

PFF has rebounded from its early August nightmare, but remains well off its 2011 peak. Look for 3 successive days where PFF closes above its 200-day MA, currently at 38.16.

PFF 200

3. iPath VIX S&P 500 Short Term Futures(VXX).¬†Traders are long “fear” when the price of VXX¬†is above its 200-day trendline.¬†March witnessed uprisings in the Middle East and an unprecedented natural disaster in Japan. May and June demonstrated the global economy was hitting a “soft patch.” And yet, VXX didn’t rise above its 200-day until the initial week of August.

A trader’s hedge¬†with VXX is a ‘bet”¬†that the CBOE S&P 500 Volatility¬†Index (VIX)¬†will rise substantially in the next month or two,¬†and that investors will likely sell¬†stock assets.¬†Until traders exit¬†the “volatility bet” with¬†VXX falling below its 200-day moving average (currently at 30.50),¬†your extra cash may very well be safer on the sidelines.

VXX 200

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