Since the October 2011 lows, my clients have benefited immensely from the middle of the risk spectrum. Prominent ETF areas — high yield corporate bonds, emerging market bonds, preferreds, REITs, dividend stocks — continue to provide remarkable price appreciation as well as reliable income.

At the same time, yield doesn’t always have to come from traditional places. (Review Ultra-High Yield ETN Investing In Business Development Companies.) And, at other times, you simply can’t get yield from the usual suspects. (Think treasury bonds.)

So I checked the ETF Analytics tab at ETF Database for the dividend road less traveled. Specifically, I wanted to identify unleveraged ETFs with dividend yields north of 5%. Then, I’d need to determine the circumstances under which I might buy the asset… beyond the lure of the cash flow promise.

One criterion that I employed from the get-go? Ex-nay on Europe. I am not looking to make the ultimate contrarian gamble on iShares MSCI Spain (EWP) to pursue its 12%+ annualized distribution. I am not even interested in a more diversified 7% from a quasi-European investment like SPDR S&P International Dividend (DWX).

With Europe removed (more or less), 10 stock ETFs with 5%+ dividend yields and $75 million-plus in assets under management appear. They are:

Surprising Stock ETFs With Distributions of 5%+      
          Annual Yield    AUM $Mil 
Market Vectors Uranium/Nuclear Energy (NLR) 13.7%    $         78
PowerShares S&P 500 BuyWrite Portfolio (PBP) 10.2%    $       218
Market Vectors Rare Earth Strategic Metals (REMX) 7.3%    $       163
iShares MSCI New Zealand Index Fund (ENZL) 6.9%    $       109
Market Vectors Junior Goldminers (GDXJ)   6.6%    $    2,024
Market Vectors Semiconductors (SMH)   6.1%    $       300
WIlderHill Clean Energy (PBW)     5.9%    $       136
SPDR S&P Emerging Mkt Small Cap (EWX)   5.5%    $       835
SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Dividend (EDIV) 5.3%    $       304
iShares MSCI Australia (EWA)     5.1%    $    2,284


Many of these contenders have seen share prices depreciate dramatically because of a global slowdown in the demand for many commodities. Miners (rare earth, junior gold miners) as well as commodity-heavy Australia have paid dearly.

Absent a global meltdown, however, both Australia (EWA) and New Zealand (ENZL) may be presenting reasonable risk-reward opportunities. EWA recently recovered its 200-day moving average. In fact, should it hold its 200-day on the next bout of selling pressure, that would be a strong technical support signal for trend-followers to consider purchasing shares.  

EWA 200

Interestingly enough, Small-Cap Emerging Market (EWX) may already have found price support. Not only is EWX holding a 200-day trendline, but the simple moving average is beginning to show a positive slope.

EWX 200

For those who thought that emerging market investing had died, they may want to take a fresh look at the increasingly attractive technical and fundamental pictures (P/E below 10). I know that I will.

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