The Final ETF Risk Alert Update

By January 7, 2011Weekly Writeup

It’s been my pleasure to offer generalized investing guidance over the past year. What’s more, if you followed my suggestions throughout 2010, you earned exceptional returns with less stress than holding-n-hoping-n-praying.

At this time, I will be concentrating solely on my actively managed accounts. Personalized money management advice is not only what I do best… it is more lucrative. (You can’t fault me for that… can you?!)

Feel free to give me a buzz if you’d like me to actively make investing decisions on your behalf.

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P.S. All of the major indicators point to a favorable investing environment. The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) is calm. Moreover, both U.S. stocks and emerging market stocks are trending higher. Note: Vanguard Emerging Markets (VWO) is showing some sign of strain as it fends off its 50-day moving average.

VIX 50

SPY 50

VWO 50

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